Status of upcoming projects

Right now i'm gathering up materials, the two towers would take a TON of materials, imma wait to do that, As of now i'm building up different Dye colors and wool, possibly going to do a giant portrait of some kind in the near future


Woo! Server back up

Server up fun times, 1.6.6 and it's NOT laggy :D

projects may be delayed because of me monopolizing all the glowstone / soul sand, seeing as i have 1 of the 4 only portals on the server (fire is disabled due to griefers) (as are TNT/creeper explosions )

If any of you guys have a legit MC account and wanna give it a try come on :)


Also, In good spirit of the people of my server, they've made a floating castle, :D i think it's pretty damned cool! :o

*is on a floating dirt block a mod placed*

Server down,

Well, The server I play on is updating to 1.6
could take a bit to get all the plug ins going, so I might be late on posting another project until then I'll just be posting stuff that OTHER people built on the server, *note* they may have used /give commands and/or world edit, mods helped them with these

EDIT- The two towers from Lotr might be hard, but it sounds fun, now if only i could get a good picture of them. also, if i do the empire state building, it's gonna be a mob spawner, for the awesomeness of having infinite mob drops by going AFK

Fuck yea Deku Tree!! :D